JISPRM – Call for Editor-in-Chief !

The Journal of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (JISPRM) is seeking an editor-in-chief.

With a unique focus on tackling issues related to disability and rehabilitation and promoting the specialty of physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM) on a global scale, the JISPRM has become an important peer-reviewed journal providing information on local and international health care services and disability management and innovative research in PRM to multiple audiences including clinicians, researchers, educators and academics, health care executives, and policy-makers.  

Review of applications will begin on October 1st, 2023, and will continue until the position is filled. The term of the Editor-in-Chief will begin January 1, 2024.  


The editor-in-chief performs multiple tasks that, in concert, produce consistently excellent journal issues. With guidance from the ISPRM President’s Cabinet, the editor-in-chief curates the journal content, which includes original research articles, meta-analyses, systematic reviews, invited articles, editorials, and special issues and supplements. Assisted by the editorial board, the editor-in-chief coordinates the peer review process, and ensures adherence to publication ethics and good practices.  


  • Seeks out original research and review articles on key topics related to the science and practice of PRM;  
  • Provides oversight of the peer-review process; 
  • Writes editorials and solicits guest editorials or commentaries;  
  • Appoints an editorial board and liaises with the ISPRM President’s Cabinet; 
  • Reviews amended proofs in a timely manner for the publication of each issue; and 
  • Other tasks assigned by the ISPRM President’s Cabinet  


  • Completion of educational training in physical and rehabilitation medicine;  
  • Editorial and peer review experience;   
  • Scholarly productivity as evidenced by publications in peer-reviewed journals;  
  • Proficiency in written and oral English;  
  • Computer literacy;   
  • Experience with online journal websites, particularly Editorial Manager;  
  • Solid reputation and visibility in the field of PRM; 
  • Established relationships with researchers and academics, health care leaders, professional societies, and institutions; and  
  • Ability to create a new network of national and international entities; 
  • Highly-organized, detail-oriented, motivated, creative, and dedicated to the further development of the JISPRM   

Please send the below materials to Maria Carvalho, ISPRM Executive Director – isprmoffice@aimgroup.eu

  1. A letter of interest;  
  2. Curriculum vitae;  
  3. A personal statement of up to 500 words or describing the applicant’s:
    • View on the current state of PRM and disability research, practice, and scholarship; and  
    • Ideas to advance understanding key aspects of PRM and its role in finding solutions to alleviate the global burden of disability