ISPRM endorsement of events

ISPRM Event Endorsement

The ISPRM Education Committee is responsible for reviewing requests by non-ISPRM meeting organisers for endorsement of courses, workshops and conferences. Following their review, the committee makes its recommendation to the ISPRM President's Cabinet, who will make the final endorsement decision.

Should you wish ISPRM to endorse your event, please fill in and submit the below ' ISPRM Event endorsement application’ form. The application will then be reviewed within a period of 2-4 weeks.

Please note that this form needs to be submitted at the latest two months before the event you would like ISPRM to endorse. Endorsement by ISPRM allows you to: Upon completion of the event you will need to submit HERE an evaluation report (post-event evaluation/feedback  report) to the Education Committee. In case the event is repeated over time, please note that you will need to apply for endorsement on each occasion. The endorsement only applies to the event occasion it was submitted for.

  • Level 1 Endorsement requires only the online evaluation process and final approval to be granted, allowing the organizer to use the ISPRM logo for the purpose of:
  • promoting your event (note: you are NOT allowed to use the ISPRM main logo or to include the logo on your event’s certificates)
  • Your event will be listed in the section endorsed events on the ISPRM events calendar
  • Your event will be included in the ISPRM Newsletter in the section upcoming events

  • (New) Level 2 Endorsement is limited to workshop/seminar/short courses and requires both online application completed and on-site evaluations with final approval before being officially confirmed. If approved, the organizer is allowed to use the ISPRM logo also on the certificate of attendance to the participants*.

*Certificate template must be reviewed/approved by our committee.

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