Hosting a Congress


Eligibility to host the ISPRM World Congress

Bids to host the ISPRM World Congress can be made by any active member national society or any individual active member, if fully sponsored by a national society, to the ISPRM Central Office.
The National Society applying to host the ISPRM World Congress must have fulfilled its membership dues in full during the last two years before the application and remain in good standing until the congress takes place.

The ISPRM World Congress rotates among the three ISPRM areas:

  • Asia & Oceania (Kobe 2019, Sydney 2022)
  • The Americas (Orlando 2020, Cartagena 2023)
  • Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa (Paris 2018, Lisbon 2022, Dead Sea 2025)

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all future congresses had to be postponed. The next bidding process will start in late 2021 for the ISPRM 2026 Congress (in the Americas). More details to be announced.

Call for Bids timing

The Call for Bids opens aprox. four (4) years prior to the congress.

The Call for Bids for the 18th ISPRM World Congress – ISPRM 2024 – to take place in the Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa region, is now open.

Please review the ISPRM 2024 bidding guidelines >>

For this first stage of the process, we are asking for interested parties to submit their letter of intent

  • Deadline to submit your Letter of Intent: 3 November 2019
  • Deadline to submit the full bid (Bid Book): 4 January 2020

The scientific content of the ISPRM World Congresses is organized by the ISPRM Congress Scientific Committee following the Committee operational guidelines defined by ISPRM.

If you have any questions, please contact the ISPRM Office at