ISPRM-WHO-Liaison Committee (ISPRM-WHO-LC)

  • Chair: Carlotte Kiekens
  • President’s Cabinet Liaison & WHO Focal Point: Francesca Gimigliano
  • Secretary: Vanessa Seijas
  • Advisor: Christoph Gutenbrunner
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Scope of the ISPRM-WHO-Liaison Committee

Since 1999 ISPRM has held an official relationship with the WHO as a non-State actor and collaborated with the Disability and Rehabilitation (DAR) team. This includes the participation of ISPRM in WHO meetings and collaboration in the network of WHO partners. As a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), ISPRM has to contribute substantially to WHO activities according to agreed and accepted collaboration plans.

The current collaboration plan between WHO and ISPRM contributes to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal 3 (Health) focusing on persons with disabilities, and persons who have short- or long-term disabling health conditions. The collaboration plan will concentrate on the implementation and dissemination of WHO tools that contribute to the integration of rehabilitation in universal health coverage. The activities align with the 13th General Programme of Work, specially with achieving universal health coverage and promoting healthier populations. ISPRM will contribute, under WHO’s leadership and guidance, to achieving the goals of the “Rehabilitation 2030: A call for action”, the WHO Global Disability Action Plan 2014-2021 and the World Health Assembly (WHA) resolution on improving access to assistive technology.



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