2024 Elections – Assembly of Individual Members

ISPRM is collecting nominations for the folowing positions to be elected at the upcoming conference in Sydney:

  • Chair of the Assembly of Individual Members (2024-2026)
    • The Chair will also represent his/her geographic area in the EC.
  • 2 Representatives of Active Individual Members to the Executive Committee (2024-2026)
  • 8 Representatives of Active Individual Members to the Assembly of Delegates (2024-2026)
    • 4 representants for Europe, Africa, and Eastern Mediterranean region
    • 3 representants for Americas
    • 1 representant for Asia & Oceania

Please read carefully each position description and requirements, then submit the application. Consult ISPRM statues and Policies & Procedures, if necessary, at https://isprm.org/discover/statutes-and-policies/

DEADLINE for Nominations: February 15, 2024 at midnight CEST

Please read the DESCRIPTION AND REQUIREMENTS for each position.

  • Please send all documents necessary when you submit your candidacyWe will reply to you confirming receipt of the material and nomination.
  • Note that only active ISPRM Members in 2024 will be considered for any of the above positions.