WHO and a global network of epidemiologist to launch a Global Burn Registry Form

Dear colleagues,  WHO and a global network of epidemiologists and burn care practitioners have developed a new form for data collection about burn injuries. The form is meant for patients admitted for burn injuries and who require stays of 24 hours or more. It can be completed in about 5 minutes and is designed for use on the burn care ward, after any emergent treatment has been provided. Because the form has been designed for use around the world without modification, for the first time, ever data collection on burns can be globally harmonized. The form will characterize the main risk factors, mechanisms, and risk groups for burns. This in turn will allow settings to prioritize and enable prevention programming, and to place their burn injury profile in an internationally comparative context. Data recorded on the paper form can quickly be uploaded over the Internet to a WHO-maintained central database. Hospitals using the form, have password protected access to this database and can work with their data in spreadsheet and statistical programmes. While the guidance for the instrument exists in English only at the present time, the instrument itself, and the form for uploading of data is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. WHO and partners are currently actively recruiting hospitals to register in the pilot testing of this important new instrument. To read more about the Global Burn Registry Form, and to register your hospital to participate in the pilot test, please go to: http://www.who.int/violence_injury_prevention/other_injury/burns/global_burns_registry/en/index.html  Please feel free to forward this message to any colleagues you are aware of who are working in the burn care area. Best wishes,   ISPRMO-WHO Liaison Officer