Update on the Core Curriculum Draft

ISPRM Education Committee on the development of PRM Core curriculum

In the June edition of N&V, the education committee posted the document on PRM Core Curriculum and Competency, and invited members to review and participate in a brief survey.  We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide their responses and invaluable feedback!  Thus far, there are 84 responses, representing 40 countries across the globe.

Eighty one percent (81%) are physiatrists, 8% are residents or fellows in training and 10% are researchers and other health professionals.  More than 75% are currently working/interacting with PRM residents. With regards to the curriculum topic and competency list, more than 90% agree that the document contains fundamental knowledge required in the professional practice of PRM, and more than 85% agree that they are applicable or can be adapted in their respective country/region.

There is also a rich collection of comments, suggestions and perspectives, which the subcommittee will definitely be using to help shape the final document.  We aim to complete this by November 2019. So stay tuned!