Update from the 2018 Winner of ISPRM’s Innovation Contest

SWORD Phoenix: an AI-powered Digital Therapist for Physical Rehabilitation  

“Since the ISPRM 2018 congress, SWORD Health has evolved from a medical device company to a physical therapy service provider. This allowed the company to fully explore the potential of the SWORD Phoenix medical device, enabling patients with musculoskeletal disorders to perform home-based rehabilitation programs under the care of our clinical team.

In this capacity, we have established important contracts not only with the National Health Service in Portugal, but also with the largest insurance companies not only in Portugal but also in the US and Australia. We are currently treating around 400 patients per month.

We have also continued to invest heavily in clinical validation, aimed at demonstrating that clinical programs delivered through our medical device can achieve comparable outcomes to conventional face-to-face rehabilitation. We currently have two clinical studies ongoing, one involving a bilateral rehabilitation program for lower limb rehabilitation, and another focused on rehabilitation after shoulder tendon repair. We are also planning a new clinical study, where we aim to validate an exercise program for chronic low back pain.”

Visit: swordhealth.com

We would like to organize this contest at an international level during ISPRM 2020 in Orlando, USA.

This competition is open to any project manager in the field of health (engineers and bioengineers, researchers from many other areas such as informatics, robotics, biomechanics…) as individual or as a member of a multidisciplinary team, in connection with a promising company.

The innovation can be a device, a software, a process or an organization. It has to be in working order at the time of the congress, but not yet marketed. The jury will look at the innovative nature of the project, its usefulness, its capacity for development and its economic potential.

What does the winner receive besides huge exposure at our World Congress? There will be a cash reward and 1-year free ISPRM membership!


Please read carefully the requirements on the application.

If you need more information about this innovation contest, please email: isprmoffice@aimgroup.eu