The Cutting Edge of Rehabilitation Medicine – Recap from ISPRM and WFNS neuro rehab joint committee

Article by Di Cui MD. MBA, Keyna Li (JISPRM)

Sept 10th, 2019

There is no better place to celebrate the start of a neuro conference than the Great wall of China. The signaling of the fire tower has always reminded me of saltatory conductions of the nerves.  While the great wall was historically symbolized a barrier, on this occasion, it served more as a common ground between neurosurgery and rehabilitation. When the loud countdown drums finished its last resonance, it marked the opening of the 2019  world  federation of Neurosurgery (WFNS) Special world congress, and the first neuro-rehabilitation joint session between WFNS and ISPRM.

Experts from Asia, Europe, Africa and America came together to discuss key issues involving rehabilitation, with a focus on traumatic brain injury and neuro-rehab. Over 100 leaders in the fields of rehabilitation medicine from around the world came together to share their knowledge and experience. Additionally, key members of the ISPRM And WFNS formed the first ever “Intelligence in Rehabilitation” committee, with a focus on technology utilization in rehabilitation.

Central to this technological utilization is the evolution of 5G communication. This evolution will serve as a disruptive force in the landscape of rehabilitation technologies. Wearable medical devices, rehabilitation robots, brain-computer interface technology, virtual reality and augmented reality will develop rapidly permeate every aspect of bot only rehabilitation medicine but medical care in general. These advances are both in response to and driven by a rapidly aging population, as leaders of the fields shared their thoughts on the trends of neurorehabilitation medicine.

Synergistic collaboration with other medical specialties and rapid and appropriate adoption of technology are crucial to the future of rehabilitation medicine. Congratulation to all the ISPRM members for their participation on yet another successful summit.

(Members in attendance: Professors Leonard Li、Jorge Lains、Jianan Li and David Burke)

at the ISPRM-WFNS 2019 session
at the ISPRM-WFNS 2019 1st neuro-rehabilitation joint session