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Proposal ClinFIT Covid-19 – Tool to assess functioning of current/post Covid-19 patients

Rehabilitation and PRM rely on a wide range of data collection tools suitable for the clinical assessment and reporting of patient functioning. However, what is missing is a universal and simple-to-use clinical data collection tool that can be tailored to the needs of clinicians all over the world, across a range of settings and patient groups. This was the impetus for developing ClinFIT - Clinical Functioning Information Tool, a universal, non-proprietary clinical tool based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Initial versions of ClinFIT is being refined and managed under the auspices of the ISPRM ClinFIT Task Force.

As there is currently an urgent need to investigate the most common functioning problems faced by Covid-19 patients (especially long-term functioning), the Task Force has developed an initial version of ClinFIT Covid-19 – a tool for clinicians to assess functioning of Covid-19 patients or those who had Covid-19. The purpose of ClinFIT Covid-19 is manifold – the clinical management of individual patients, research, and perhaps at a later time quality management. The proposed tool has been conceptualized to be simple and short as to be applicable in any setting in the acute care phase (and not necessarily only for rehabilitation). It can also serve as the starting point for a more comprehensive ClinFIT Covid-19 version for the post-acute and long-term phase.

To ensure that ClinFIT Covid-19 assesses the essential aspects of functioning for this population and is feasible to use irrespective of setting, we invite all ISPRM members to provide feedback on the tool by responding to the questions below. Thank you in Advance!