Survey of physician use of adjunct therapies following botulinum toxin administration for limb spasticity

Dear Physician,
Do you use botulinum toxin (BoNT) injections for management of spasticity in your practice? If yes, then you probably know that questions such as “what adjunct therapy(s) could I use in addition to the BoNT injection to maximize the outcomes of my patient?” still remain unanswered in the absence of sufficient research and national practice guidelines.
We need your expertise to help answer this question. We invite you to complete an anonymized survey about physician preferences and perceptions on the use of adjunct therapies following BoNT injection at (
Our goal is to better determine physician practice internationally, and to publish it in an international publication. We will be surveying various countries from around the world. If you participate in the survey we will send you a copy of the survey results.
Taking part in this study is entirely up to you. You have the right to refuse to participate in this study. If the questionnaire is completed, it will be assumed that consent has been given.
PRIVACY STATEMENT: This survey and its results are hosted electronically on the University of British Columbia (UBC) Survey Tool website, with the server located in Canada and complying with relevant privacy legislation. The research data will be kept for 5 years after this study is published or presented. Your de-identified research data may be published or deposited into a publicly accessible location at the time of publication. This enhances the transparency of the research, but also allows others to access the data. This should not increase risks to you, but it does mean that other researchers may analyze the data for different reasons other than those described in this consent form. Once data is made publicly available, you will not be able to withdraw your data. The extent of the risk of you being identified through public data is unknown, but currently appears to be low. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Principal Investigator Dr. Patricia Mills via e-mail or phone (778) 233-6222.
ETHICS: The UBC Clinical Research Ethics Board has issued certificate H18-01840 for this study.
If you have any concerns or complaints about your rights as a research participant and/or your experiences while participating in this study, contact the Research Participant Complaint Line in the UBC Office of Research Ethics at 604-822-8598 or if long distance e-mail or call toll free 1-877-822-8598.
We thank you in advance for your voluntary completion of this research survey! Don’t hesitate to send the survey to your colleagues.
Thierry Deltombe, Stephen Ashford, Nicolas Bayle, Elena Chemello, Alvin Ip, Jorge Jacinto, Meenakshi Nayar, Fabienne Schillebeeckx, Michal Schinwelski, Erika Suzigan, Joao Teixeira,
Dr. Patricia Branco Mills (Principal Investigator)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of British Columbia
Member of International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD)
Executive Committee Member of the Rehabilitation Research Program, UBC, Canada