REHABILITATION: a Future Challenge of Robotics

On 9th December 2019, a congress titled “REHABILITATION: a future challenge of Robotics” will take place in Rome (Italy) at the Institute of Scientific Research and Health Care “IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana”. Several international world-leading experts in Robotic Rehabilitation will meet to share and discuss their most recent experiences and findings related to this theme. In the last decades, the incidence of people with disabilities, thus the burden on social services and their families is been growing despite advances in technology and health care. This increase is also directly related to the rapid aging of the world population and of age-related diseases, such as neurological diseases. According to the World Health Organization, stroke events occur in 15 million people worldwide every year. A third of these subjects keep suffering a sort of functional disability, presenting difficulty to regain independence in the activities of daily living. Numerous evidence-based studies claimed that a high-intensity, repetitive, and early rehabilitation can promote the recovery of specific impairments after a neurological disease and, thus, improve the body functions. Robotic technologies represent an innovative therapeutic opportunity for optimizing the quality of treatments and, as a result, improving motor recovery, autonomy, and participation to social life in neurological patients. Accordingly, robotics supporting rehabilitation activities allow patients with severe disability to achieve a better quality of life. The cutting-edge scientific event that will take place in Rome has been organized  by Prof. Marco Franceschini, Chief of Neurorehabilitation Research Department of “IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana” in order to spotlight the importance of robotics for the future of rehabilitation. The congress is endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Health and ISPRM. Prof. Walter Frontera will participate in the congress among the special guests to highlight the latest key components of the use of new technologies in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation worldwide. Go to event page: