ISPRM Website: Ready, Set, Go!

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After 4 months in development, our new website is now online!

Our members are part of a growing, rewarding, and important medical field but communicating and disseminating information has always been a challenge.
As part of our goals, 
we strive to provide means to facilitate research activities and communication at the international level.  
We collected your feedback last year and, by recognizing the needs in our community, we worked hard to deliver what we believe will become the largest online platform for international PRM professionals.

So, what are the changes?

NEW Design & Structure
The website is now responsive for browsing on your smartphone and various other devices. We are confident you will find it much more user-friendly and visually appealing!

NEW PRM Events Calendar
Besides the new look, there's a countdown and QR code for each event page, social media sharing options, and it's much easier to find events (you can now choose from 5 different types of visualizations).
You can even add an event to your email calendar directly from our page!
Want your event displayed there? Email us or apply for event endorsement HERE.

NEW Reserved Area (for members only)
The Member's Zone just got serious! You can now freely edit your ISPRM account from the ''Member's Directory'', search and add your fellow colleagues as ''friends'', chat in private or publicly, edit your own settings to choose what others see and to receive notifications in your inbox.
Just login to your profile, edit it and start networking within our huge PRM Community!

NEW Features

Groups and Forums (for members only)
This is a big step for facilitating & expanding communications within our PRM community. The ''Groups'' serve to find a space with like-minded PRM professionals and start conversations.
Each ''Group'' can have a ''Forum'' which will allow for the creation of various topics in a dynamic and organized manner.

News section - this one has also been completely redeveloped. Now you can visit our News & Announcements and search for articles by category. Members can also comment on articles!

Language translation - you will now find the option to automatically translate all of our website (text) content into any language listedThis does not guarantee 100% accuracy but can certainly help break the language barrier typical to an International Society.

...and much more!

Access the ''User Guides'', outlining the features and instructions to help you explore and enjoy your new ISPRM benefits!