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On behalf of the ISPRM we extend our deepest concern, astute public health surveillance, and ongoing association support for our members, colleagues and partners who are impacted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Monitoring and improving the quality of life for our patients, their families and PRM professionals is at the core of our mission at ISPRM.

ISPRM is committed to providing you with the tools, resources, and the most up-to-date information to care for your patients, their families, your community, and you, as the PRM.
Please find some valuable, fact-based resources linked at the bottom of this message that highlight public health educational and preventive measures.
Please adhere to the guidance of your hospital and mandated protocols for consulting patients and adjusting PRM programming to ensure that both your patients and staff maintain optimal health to contain the dissemination of this virus.

If you are in an area where patients are prevented from coming to your hospital or have elected not to, consider effective home exercise recommendations. Increasing your cleaning and sanitization practices in your facility is strongly recommended.
This is a rapidly evolving public health situation.

Stay focused, alert and informed in order to be an educated resource for your patients who may be anxious how this affects their PRM programs and consider what adaptations, as a clinician, you may need to implement to provide healthcare services.
Don’t forget to protect yourself. You are very much valued, as your contributions positively impact the quality of life of so many patients.

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