ISPRM Open Letter in Support of Ukraine

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The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) is a non-political, professional organization with a mission to promote the field of physical and rehabilitation (PRM) around the world. Since its inception the ISPRM has promoted the collaboration of our members from nations with diverse cultures, beliefs, and sociopolitical landscapes. As a peace-loving society that embraces the cause of persons with different abilities, some of whom were afflicted through wars and conflicts of decades past, the ISPRM denounces the violence and assault on life and freedom, and the resultant human suffering, in Ukraine.

The harrowing ordeal of the people of Ukraine is not a mere political matter, but a humanitarian crisis we can no longer avert, but, as part of a global community, must help mitigate. The field of PRM was partly born out of the need to restore the health of the casualties of previous wars. Many of us learned and developed our expertise by healing these victims to lessen human suffering, just as we solemnly promised when we took the Hippocratic Oath. 

As we painfully witness the disintegration of the human condition in Ukraine, we also stand ready to assist those who will become disabled wherever they will seek refuge and support our members who will help them recover health and function and reintegrate to society. We keep our colleagues, the members of the Ukrainian Society of PRM, and the patients they have lovingly cared for, close to our hearts and minds. We remain committed to the principles that underlie our purpose: promoting health, improving quality of life and restoring human dignity.

Signed by the ISPRM President’s Cabinet:

Prof. Leonard Li – ISPRM President

Prof. Francesca Gimigliano – ISPRM President-Elect

Prof. Gerard Francisco – ISPRM Vice-President

Prof. Isabelle Laffont – ISPRM Secretary

Prof. Carolina Schiappacasse – ISPRM Treasurer

Prof. Walter Frontera – ISPRM Immediate Past President


About the ISPRM

The ISPRM is a professional, non-governmental organization, that aims to strengthen the development and capacity of national organizations in physical and rehabilitation medicine to optimally restore and promote the health of people with different abilities. It has 66 national society members from 67 countries, representing over 30.000 members worldwide. For more information on the society, please visit