Introducing the ISPRM’s Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems Committee (SRHC)

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Globally, there is an increase in the ageing and non-communicable disease population as well as consequences of injuries. These result in limitations in the everyday functioning of affected individuals. Access to rehabilitation, which has been shown to improve function, independence and the overall quality of life of these affected individuals, is however limited especially in low-middle income countries. Factors contributing to this include limited workforce capacity to meet population rehabilitation needs, under-prioritization of rehabilitation at the policy making level and the low level of rehabilitation incorporation at the primary health care (PHC) level where the identification and long-term management of functioning limitations usually occurs.

The main functions of the SRHC are to:

  1. Provide guidance on the capacity building of physicians in PRM
  2. Liaise with the WHO to strengthen rehabilitation in health systems globally including the development of essential rehabilitation packages for PHC settings
  3. Develop activities to boost interest in PRM training in low-middle income countries
  4. Support rehabilitation strengthening advocacy activities by member states
  5. Conduct and coordinate research on strengthening rehabilitation in health systems

Do you have a passion for strengthening rehabilitation in health systems especially in primary health care settings? Are you ready to contribute to building the capacity of the rehabilitation workforce in low to middle income countries?

Then the ISPRM’s Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems Committee (SRHC)  is the right group for you. Join in research and developing activities to build and strengthen rehabilitation globally.

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