International Course of Principles of Neurorehabilitation November 11th to December 11th, 2013

The objective of this course is to provide physicians and researchers with the opportunity to review basic and advanced concepts of diagnostic and therapeutic tools for neurorehabilitation, and learn about the novel updates in this evolving field. The platform evironment is based on an online collaborative learning model, in which students are able to interact with their peers and strenghten their knowledge through discussion and debate. Online lectures will take place in different time points during the course, followed by the online discussion forum. Students are also encouraged to participate in the course Clinical, Assessments, and Interventions Updates in Neurorehabilitation, offered by Harvard Medical School that will take place in Boston, MA, in which participants will have the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge in different laboratories with Harvard faculty and see first-hand how this techniques are developed and studied. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: or contact Laura Castillo: