In Memory of Susana Gagliardi MD

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Last week, our specialty lost a dear friend, outstanding contributor and wonderful human being. Susana Gagliardi died a sudden and untimely death in her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Susana Gagliardi MD
To speak about Susana is to talk about leadership, her magnetic personality, her passion for life, family and for PMR. Her friendships were deep and long-lasting with an emphasis on sharing the good times and the not-so good times. She was unusual in her inclusivity.
She was always studying, keeping updated, teaching young people in PMR disciplines. One example was her passion for learning English..a life long commitment to education and self-improvement in her ability to communicate. She was a model of a woman who worked hard, valued and contributed to the body of scientific evidence we use in practice and enjoyed life while doing it.
Before her death, she was Head of Los Pinos Rehabilitation Center, German Hospital and owner of Mefire an outpatient Rehab Center together with her very close friend PMRD Susana Druetta. While her focus was clearly at the intersection of rehabilitation and rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, her passion was for people with disability whose life she could help improve.
She was Head of Publication for SAMFyR’s journal. She was co chair of the Scientific Committee for the ISPRM World Congress in Buenos Aires. She was speaker in many congresses all around the world. She was full of ideas and new projects.

Her legacy of patient care, innovation and collegiality will live on in the memory of her patients, hundreds of PMR doctors all over the world, who learned and practiced with about how to value patients and assist them in reaching their needs and and health goals.
Our condolences to her husband Rudolfo, son Pedro, the Argentinian Society of PRM, and the entire PMR community who had the privilege of knowing and working with Susana Gagliardi.

We will miss her!!!!

Lynn Gerber, MD
Carolina Schiappacasse, MD

Susana Gagliardi and colleagues at the ISPRM 2020, in Orlando USA
Dr. Susana Gagliardi (first on the right) and colleagues at the ISPRM 2020, in Orlando USA