“Delivering trauma rehab during war violence and forced migration”. Volodymyr Golyk at #ISPRM2024

🎙️ Join us in this enlightening interview with Professor Volodymyr Golyk, a distinguished neurologist and Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Physician. Currently serving as a Technical Officer for Disability and Rehabilitation at the WHO Country Office in Ukraine, Professor Golyk offers a compelling preview of his keynote lecture scheduled for the upcoming ISPRM World Congress in Sydney. In this conversation with Ana Vaz, Professor Golyk discusses the pivotal role of rehabilitation in war-torn regions, emphasizing the rapid development and challenges of the rehabilitation system in Ukraine amidst ongoing conflict. He shares insights into the critical need for trained rehabilitation professionals and the implementation of an evidence-based approach in clinical practices.

🌟 As one of the keynote speakers, Professor Golyk is set to delve deeper into these topics during his Garry Pearce lecture titled “Delivering Trauma Rehab During War Violence and Forced Migration”. This session promises to provide profound insights into the resilience and innovation driving rehabilitation services under the most challenging conditions.

🔔 Tune in to learn more about the transformative power of PRM and join us at the ISPRM World Congress in Sydney on June 3rd for a truly inspiring event.