Call for Nominations: Representatives of the Active Individual members

Dear Active Individual Member, This is a call for voting for representatives of the Active Individual Members. Candidacies and votes should be sent to Sandrine Bobinet at The deadline to submit candidacies and votes is January 6, 2013. You can apply to one of the following positions:

  • Representative to the Assembly of Delegates
  • Representative to the Executive Committee
  • Chair of Active Individual Member (AIM)
  • Member of the AIM Election Committee

Because a quorum was not reached during last Assembly of Delegates in Atlanta on November 14th, this voting will be performed by means of electronic vote. Active Individual Members may nominate themselves or others for positions for which they or others are qualified. Nominated Individual Members must be Active Individual Members in good standing. Active Individual Members nominated to become Representatives to the Executive Committee must have a Medical Doctor degree with a PRM specialist title or equivalent; have at least 10 years of PRM practice or equivalent; be an active and participating member in national and international PRM or related organizations; be actively practicing and/or participating in organizational activities in his/her own country. Active Individual Members nominated or voting will represent or vote only for their major geographic area – “the Americas”, “Europe-Africa-Middle East” or “Asia-Oceania”, with the exception of the vote for the Chair of the Active Individual members where all Active Individual Members will vote independently of the ISPRM geographical area. Active Individual Members will elect the 15 Representatives to the Assembly of Delegates, the Chair of AIM, the 3 Representatives to the Executive Committee, and the 6 Members to the AIM Election Committee, among the candidates that received the most votes. Please note that members who submitted their candidacy prior to the Assembly of Delegates of November 14th do not need to apply again. Herewith you will see two files containing the policies and procedures for the election of representatives of the AIM and an extract on membership of the last ISPRM By-Laws revision. Kind regards, Sandrine Bobinet ISPRM Office