ISPRM at the 72nd World Health Assembly (#WHA72)

ISPRM is in official relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1999 as a non-State actor. Walter Frontera, our president, Carlotte Kiekens and Vanessa Seijas, chair and secretary of the ISPRM-WHO liaison committee and Gerold Stucki attended the 72nd World Health Assembly (#WHA72) in Geneva, taking place from 20 to 28th May. ISPRM made four statements on agenda points that we will consecutively publish in ISPRM News & Views.

The first one relates to agenda point 11.5 on Universal Health Coverage with the following sub-points:

  • Primary health care (PHC) towards universal health coverage
  • Community health workers delivering primary health care: opportunities and challenges.
We submitted this statement together with six other non-State actors working in the field of rehabilitation (WCPT, WFOT, ISPO, WONCA, HI and IALP) and with the support of the Global Rehabilitation Alliance. Our recommendations are to:
1. Acknowledge the need to include rehabilitation in PHC, to expand and decentralize rehabilitation services’ delivery and make them available to everyone.
2. Work specifically to train PHC professionals in providing basic rehabilitation services and to identify
rehabilitation needs.
You can read the full statement HERE and click below to watch the video.
The second one relates to agenda point 11.6 on Health, environment and climate change.

You can read the full statement HERE and click below to watch the video.


Read below the other 2 statements:

Statement item 12.7 ISPRM 72WHA 22.05.2019  “Eleventh revision of the International
Classification of Diseases”

Statement item 12.9 of the 72nd WHA 22.05.2019  “Emergency and trauma care”


Picture from Left to Right:  Dr. Vanessa Seijas, Dr. Carlotte Kiekens, Prof. Walter Frontera, Prof. Gerold Stucki