Foundation for PM&R – Quarterly update


This is the autumn 2016 issue of a quarterly news brief developed to raise awareness of the Foundation’s activities and open up opportunities for collaboration. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


  • December 1 is the application deadline for the Mid-Career Investigator Research Grant.  The award is $20,000 for one research project in PM&R by an established investigator with a track record of success; the grant is meant to allow the researcher to extend his/her work in a new direction. Details and application forms can be found on our website (
  • Application materials for the Spring Grant Cycle will be posted on our website by November 15.  This is our largest grant cycle of the year, offering over $100,000 in physiatric research support.  Grant criteria, past grant recipients and application forms can be found on our website at

Research Priorities

  • The Research Priorities Task Force is currently interviewing research program directors to determine their needs, how the Foundation’s funding fits into their programs, and new ways in which the Foundation could support physiatric research.  If your leaders and/or research council would like to comment, please contact Phyllis Anderson, Executive Director, at or 847-737-6062.
  • A first draft of the research priorities document has been completed and will be sent to our sister societies for comment and input in the coming weeks.

Americans with Disabilities Fund: Rx for Exercise

  • The Rx for Exercise program will provide physiatrists with the tools to promote exercise and sport for their patients with disabilities, as well as a rich online resource of exercise, sport, fitness and nutritional information for home and community-based use.  The cornerstone of the program is our partnership with the National Center for Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD).  Together, we are promoting the #DocTalk Pledge and encouraging use of the NCHPAD Physician’s Toolkit, in addition to developing a mobile app. Visit to learn more about the NCHPAD program and the resources that are currently.  A survey of physician needs is in its final stages and development of the app will begin shortly.  For more information, please contact Jennifer L. Vince, M.Ed. Americans with Disabilities Fund Manager at or 312-593-4470.


  • Our Annual Fund Drive launched on September 30 and runs through November 30; we are currently halfway to our goal of $35,000.  All Board members of our sister societies are asked to make a donation ( to show their commitment to physiatric research, and so we can tell our donors we have 100% support from the leaders in the field.
  • We will participate in #GivingTuesday and #ILGive this year.  If your society or institution would be willing to send an e-mail to their members/employees in support of the Foundation, please contact Phyllis Anderson, Executive Director, at or 847-737-6062.
  • The Foundation can now accept donations via smart phone; text “PMRresearch” to 50155.