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A few important things to note:

  • ISPRM membership must be renewed EVERY YEAR, and it's NOT valid for 365 days but on an annual basis. Example: if you register/renew on June 1st 2020 you are member for 2020, only (until December 31st, 2020).
  • TIP: if you are paying membership fee you can renew it for 2 years in a row!
  • for updating your personal info. on our database make sure to do so on the link above. Any details you add to your ''Member's Diretory'' profile will remain on the website, only.
  • You MUST renew your membership every year to be an ''active member''.
  • Only active members can access the ISPRM reserved areas, receive updates from us, be part of our committees & other groups as well as enjoy the rest of our membership benefits!

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