ISPRM Interviews 2021 ARCHIVE

ISPRM has started a series of interviews among PRM professionals worldwide to share experiences and facilitate communication.

The recordings will be available on this page and you can follow us for the LIVE interviews, streamed via YouTube and Facebook.

ISPRM-AAP Interview

Learn about the ISPRM - AAP collaboration and the #Physiatry22 in New Orleans, LA!

The Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) is an organization of physiatry professionals who are dedicated to improving patient care by advancing the specialty through research and education.
They are an affiliated National PRM Society with ISPRM.

Dr. Muhammad T. Khalil from Pakistan will interview Dr. Gwendolyn Sowa, AAP President, and Dr. Miguel Escalón from the USA.
You will be able to ask questions to the participants via the live chat!


ISPRM 2022 Live

📣 In this interview led by Dr Muhammad Tawab Khalil, we are joined by Dr. Jorge Lains (ISPRM 2022 President) and Dr. Catarina Aguiar Branco (SPMFR).
👨‍⚕ Learn about the plans for the 16th ISPRM World Congress to take place in Lisbon, July 3-7, 2022.


The 2022 congress in Lisbon will be the biggest PRM event in the world. For the first time the International Society Congress (ISPRM), the European Society Congress (ESPRM), as well as our own national Congress (SPMFR) will be joined in one only and incredible event!

Learn more:

Watch the interview with Dr David X. Cifu by Dr. Muhammad Tawab Khalil about Physiatry and Traumatic Brain Injury.


📣 In the continuation of ISPRM series interview, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in Africa is highlighted for this new edition. 👨‍⚕ M. Musonda Siame, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of Community Based Rehabilitation Africa Network explains the current situation of CBR on the continent and discusses some important prospects for its development.

📣 Another Interesting Interview from Physiatrists Round the Globe! 👨‍⚕ In this interview, Dr. Nasir Mansoor (PM&R Specialist) from Pakistan share his views about Research and Medical Writing.There is no progress without research, promotion of medical writing amongst PM&R community is pivotal and needs dedicated time for research based activities.

👩‍⚕ In this insightful interview by Dr D.Hunain Al Arabia, Dr. Farooq A. Rathore shares his journey to PM&R as a Specialist, valuable suggestions for Residents and Early Career Physiatrists. 📣 The Emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic also brought unexplored Opportunities and the important role PM&R physicians can play in managing post COVID sequel, it's long term impact on human health and quality of life.

📣 In this enthralling interview by Dr Muhammad Tawab Khalil, Dr Rochelle T. Dy talks about the possible implications of Rehabilitation Competency Framework in PM&R. 👨‍⚕ As the demand for rehabilitation escalates, the need to expand workforce production and strengthen regulation and quality assurance mechanisms becomes increasingly critical, especially in low-resource settings. Competency frameworks are a key tool for aligning the workforce with population needs.

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