Scoliosis Online Master – ISICO

Theme: Principles and Practice of Scoliosis Conservative Treatment

Conference Topics

course participants learn how to evaluate scoliosis patients and recognize those who need to be referred to more expert professionals. Students will learn the main clinical reasoning that should guide their decision-making, as well as the risk factors needing to be taken into account and how to evaluate them. They will be given a complete overview of the main available treatment options and their indications. We want our students to know the best evidence for each treatment and to manage their patients accordingly.

Each module (usually lasting two weeks) will start with three recorded lectures, about which an appropriate reading matter will be recommended. The lectures remain available for two weeks, allowing students to choose when to watch them. The participants also have a forum at their disposal, where they can ask the faculty members any questions and concerns.

During the live lectures at the end of each module, the lecturer will answer questions and ask students to express their views on any controversial issues. Furthermore, participants can interact live in a chat and polls are opened for voting on treatment options suggested and decision-making on clinical cases.



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