ISarcoPRM 2021 Debut


It is our great pleasure and honor to announce the first meeting of ISarcoPRM - the ISPRM special interest group on sarcopenia. We consider this event of great importance since sarcopenia occupies an important place in clinical practice and in scientific research relating to the geriatric population.

Sarcopenia does not yet have a well-established definition and diagnostic criteria, and this is one of the reasons why physiatrists should be called upon in the management of this neuro-musculoskeletal system disorder that causes a huge public health problem.

The debut event of ISarcoPRM will be virtually organized on February 27, 2021, as announced on the online platform which we invite you to consult.

We are convinced that doctors who care for geriatric patients can benefit from an increase in knowledge about sarcopenia. We also believe that this short event that brings together leading experts from different parts of the world and from different specialties will benefit from this knowledge. Wishing you the best for 2021 and beyond, we are waiting for you online at the debut of ISarcoPRM.

Levent Özçakar, ISarcoPRM President

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