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On behalf of the Association of Academic Physiatrists (AAP) and International Society of Physical
& Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) organizing committees, it is our pleasure to invite you to the
international physiatry event of the year — ISPRM 2020 in Orlando, Florida, USA!
You will, of course, discover the latest in education, clinical techniques, research, technology and
more. Yet, it is the ‘people’ — the physiatrists, educators, mentors, researchers, patient advocates and
achievers from over 50 countries — who will make this a truly historic event. Together, we can and will
change the world.

The AAP represents over 1,900 physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) professionals dedicated
to advancing academic practice, research and education. The ISPRM serves as the global agency for
our specialty, representing 67 countries and more than 35,000 members worldwide.
These two influential societies have created an out-of-this-world conference, and you have the golden
opportunity to experience it. Do you want …
• … to affect change at your institution or practice?
• … to provide the highest quality care to your patients?
• … to become a more effective educator, scientist and leader?
• … to hear firsthand about research that is shaping the future?
• … to lay the foundation for your dream career?
• … to meet people who will help you achieve your goals?
• … to know how our specialty will grow for many years to come?

Dedicate this time to yourself and you will achieve all of that and more. We promise you that ISPRM
2020 will be dynamic, stimulating and forward-thinking. Join us and be a part of lively conversations,
passion-fueled sessions and networking events. Most importantly, join our global community of
physiatrists and rehabilitation experts and choose to engage, challenge and learn with the vision to
change the world!

Until We Meet in Orlando,

John Chae, MD, ME
Congress President,
ISPRM 2020

Gerard Francisco, MD
Chair, ISPRM Congress
Scientific Committee

Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD, MS
Chair, AAP Program

ISPRM 2020

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