COVID-19 Library

This page contains videos and other materials related to COVID-19, including the translated versions of the Patient and Caregiver Guide to Managing COVID‑19 Patients at Home  by Dr. Anne Felicia Ambrose from Montefiore Medical Center (NY)

The Guide has been published on our official Journal ( the JISPRM) HERE.

For more resources on the subject please visit:

ISPRM Statement on COVID-19



  • SPANISH (Coming soon)
  • CHINESE (Coming soon)
  • HINDI (Coming soon)

Reports and publications

  • Handbook cover
    Early rehabilitation in conflicts and disasters - Handbook published by Humanity & Inclusion

  • International Rehabilitation Forum practical tools, resources and updating references for COVID-19 Rehab:

VIDEOS & Webinars

#ISPRM is planning a series of live-events to inform and facilitate communication in these difficult times. Please check our new page:

Webinars in Spanish

The Center Society of Rehabilitation is working on different webinars related to COVID-19. Here, you can find the first one about rehabilitation management of patients:

@SORECAR_es  (the Spanish Cardio-Pulmonology Rehabilitation Society) is also organizing webinars on COVID19. The recordings will be uploaded on their website
Webinar in Spanish by the Spanish PRM Society – SERMEF 

Videos from ISPRM members worldwide

Want to share your experience during COVID 19 with our community? Email us at with a short video about the situation in your region and some words of support so we can overcome this crisis together!

ISPRM PAPD COVID19  submitted by the ISPRM Task Force on Physical Activity for Persons with Disabilities.

Special thanks to:

1. Dr. Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu (US)
2. Dr. Rory Cooper (US)
3. Dr. Uma Pandiyan (Qatar)
4. Dr. Paulina Muñoz Velasco (Mexico)

Dr. Jas Bahadur Gurung
from Nepal (Nepalese Citizen) currently doing residency training
in PM&R in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Bangladesh.

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