Cardiac Rehabilitation: The Mayo Clinic Model

Endorsed by ISPRM

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is an evidence-based intervention recommended for patients with CVD, to prevent recurrent events, decreased mortality, and to improve quality of life. However, despite the proven benefits, only a small percentage of those would benefit from CR receive it worldwide. Programs are seeking to increase the availability of CR services for eligible patients and are looking for education and guidance from high quality CR programs. With the ongoing demand for cardiac rehabilitation (CR) curriculum, Mayo Clinic Rochester, as a leader in CR research and best practice, is in an ideal position to provide an accredited course to support the establishment of high-quality CR services nationally and internationally.

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Upon completion of this course, participants should
• Identify key components of patient engagement and patient assessment in cardiac rehabilitation
• Develop an appropriate and effective treatment plan for patients in cardiac rehabilitation
• Summarize the rationale and benefits of tracking patient outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation
• Prescribe an appropriate and effective exercise prescription for patients in cardiac rehabilitation
• Identify key components of cardiac rehabilitation program structure