Dear colleagues,

A second edition of BIOMECHANICS4REHAB on-Line course, under the supervision of ESPRM, is going to take place from 18 October to 18 December (40 hours in total).

The course main topic is biomechanical assessment as an important tool for PRM Physicians.

It is now open for enrollment through the following link >>

The cost of the course is 247.93 + VAT (Total 300 €).

The platform managers are experts from the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV) and Politecnico Di Milano Institute (POLIMI) will also cooperate in the teaching. IBV and POLIMI are technological centers focused on scientific research, technical assessment and training in the biomechanical field. The multidisciplinary team in the IBV includes engineers, medical doctors (PRM specialists among other), computer specialists, physicists, biologists, etc.

The course is open to all PRM Physcicians from all over the World.

From ESPRM, we consider that this course may be of great interest to Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians and trainees, it will make us knowledgeable and users of these innovative technologies that can be very valuable for our daily medical practice.

With nothing else for the moment and being at your entire disposition for any clarification or doubt, I take the opportunity to greet you very sincerely,

Enrique Varela-Donoso
ESPRM delegate
ESPRM Liasson officer for BIOMECHANICS4REHAB course